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Snowy Mountains

Hello, let me introduce our project.

Sometimes watchmaking becomes a form of art.

Luxury, high end watchmaking brands, produce great models with outstanding quality.

The problem with those kind of timepieces it's that their price is usually so high that only a small few can afford them.


What if there is a way to get a kind of watch that is also an art piece, with premium quality components, but with a price that is much more affordable?

I worked with the top master artists in the field to revive one of the oldest Italian art forms, the maiolica enameling, inside the tiny space of the dial of a watch. I really wanted to make those techniques revived in new subjects and creativity so one could feel the joy of wearing a painting that could be exposed in to a gallery.  I also wanted to keep the price fair but without cutting on quality, so the best materials available for a watch microbrand were chosen.

We will make this project reality in the upcoming kickstarter campaign and you can join our journey. Thanks to your patronage you will be able to get a watch at a lower price than even a retailer, and like every kickstarter campaign the first ones to pledge will get an even better discount.

Since the watches will be in very limited series, early birds spots will be even more limited, so in conclusion: 

Enter your e-mail below and you will get these three things:

  • Insights and sneak peeks into the development of our creations.

  • Be the first to know when we launch on Kickstarter.

  • Get access to the very limited early bird discounts and save up to 65% of the retail price.

Thank you.

Your truly,

Mattia Picchi

FERRETTI watches co-founder

Insert your e-mail and lock in your 65% discount on retail price

Excellent craftmanship

A real hand painted ceramic dial

The dial is in real ceramic, hand painted from the best master decorators with maiolica colors, an everlasting art piece, rooted in a centuries-old Italian tradition. Every dial is unique in its own way and it's produced in a small numbered series of only 30 pieces.


The movement

The watch beating heart

An outstanding timepiece must have a beautiful and precise movement, so our choice is a well finished Sellita sw300-1 movement, one of the best Swiss movement on the market, used by very high end Swiss brands.

Finest materials

Premium components from strap to case

We only choose top materials and finishing.

High quality stainless steel rose gold pvd coated case.

Sapphire glass with antireflective coating.

Genuine alligator straps, handmade in Italy.

With a case diameter of 43 mm, the watch can fit almost every man wrist but also giving at the same time enough space to the dial to be appreciated.


Insert your e-mail and lock in your 65% discount on retail price

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